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Welcome speech

Welcome to the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences ICPhS 2023!

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am excited to welcome you to Prague for the 20th International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences! Prague is the first city to host ICPhS for the second time, although only few participants will remember the 6th ICPhS in 1967. Once again, the Institute of Phonetics in Prague, which recently celebrated 100 years of its existence, is honoured to host the conference.

Our conference theme for ICPhS 2023 is “Intermingling Communities and Changing Cultures”. The last decades have seen an unprecedented increase in mobility and interpersonal contacts which bridge national languages and which impact speech patterns everywhere.

Europe is aspiring to become a united community of people who, although they speak many languages, seek mutual understanding. Surrounded by a multitude of languages, people learn the languages and discover various cultures associated with them, both implicitly and with conscious efforts. All these multiple contacts enrich individuals and open promising research potentials. I am confident that we can all relate to this through the congress’ scientific areas!

Radek Skarnitzl
ICPhS 2023 Chair


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